Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Cavendish – Ajman -Dont buy from Fraud Portmill Estates

The Cavendish – Ajman -Dont buy from Fraud Portmill Estates/ Bally (Baljinder) Chohan of UKLI |Bally (Baljinder Chohan) UKLI

Portmill Estates is selling property of The Cavendish – Ajman, India. Portmill Estates is the company of fraud and scam king Bally (Baljinder) Chohan of UKLI (UK Land Investments), who use to sell Green belt / Greenfield land to poor investors on the name of 400% to 800% returns.

Bally (Baljinder) Chohan has never completed a single property project in his life and has been banned by the UK Government from raising any funds in the UK for at least 4 years.

Bally (Baljinder) Chohan of UKLI also tried to sell various property projects of UK, UAE and India but has been either backed off, removed from the original promoters or committed fraud in every real estate project.

Bally (Baljinder) Chohan of UKLI is now selling The Cavendish – Ajman to non-Indians as he is unable to run any office in UK and India. Bally (Baljinder) Chohan of UKLI has cheated several vendors from India and other countries have filed a case against Bally (Baljinder) Chohan of UKLI.

Please do not buy property of The Cavendish – Ajman from Bally (Baljinder) Chohan of UKLI.

I request you to go through the other posts of this blog that highlight the misdeeds of Bally (Baljinder) Chohan of UKLI.

Bally (Baljinder) Chohan of UKLI has also cheated me and I am already fighting a case against Bally (Baljinder) Chohan of UKLI in the UK.

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